Dendera Edfu And Esna Temple Analysis

Topics: Isis, Pschent, Egyptian pantheon, Hathor, Handedness, Edfu / Pages: 16 (3933 words) / Published: Sep 17th, 2017
Remarks on the two titles %Dmw and %Dm- sprw at Dendera, Edfu and Esna Temples

Ahmed KhalafAllah Safina(
This paper is focusing on the multifaceted concepts of two titles which are frequently occurred on three of Greco-Roman temples. The first one is sDmw which means literally “Listeners”. It is usually accompanied two groups of deities. Each group has a special iconography, epithets, roles and offerings such as the divine judges and the protective fierce genni
. The second title which means “Who Hear Prayers”. it is clearly showing the essential part of a spiritual life between the main gods within the temples and the humble people who ask a hand of help when times are hard. During the New Kingdome onward there were small locations within
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Date: Empty cartouches.
Scene title: Food offering.
Divinity: %Dmw-fierce genni of Dendera.
Vignette: The king stands before two standing deities. He wears the red crown upon atef crown and holds an offering table piled with various kinds of provisions into two deities, each of them holds the anx-sign in his right hand and the wAs-sceptre in his left. They are wearing a wig reaching their shoulders and a short kilt

Ii [.n.i] xr.Tn %Dmw nn sSmw Hmt,s m st.s sar.i n Tn kAw kAw anxw Htp kAw.Tn Hr Hw.
[…] mnxw dsw [..] n smA tpw nw sbyw qnw qnb xftyw.

I come for you, O these divine listeners who lead her majesty from her place. I raise up provision for you, O living kas, may your kas rest on provision.
[…] excellent slaughters, who cut heads of the rebels, the strong ones, who rope the enemies […].
The individual text accompanied the two fierce genni came as:
1. nf ib aq mwt wnn sSm n sDt n Ra.

2. sin Han n pH n.f wnn Sms Hmt.s m Iwnt.

Rsw rs r sxmw im.s sHtp ib n.s m

1. The breath of heart, who enters the death, the existent one, leader of the daughter of

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