Demonstrative speech

Topics: Sign language, Language, Deaf culture, American Sign Language, Linguistics, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star / Pages: 3 (746 words) / Published: Sep 9th, 2014
Name : Audrey Haijon Gunggut
Class : 11Sc4
Topic : Demonstrative speech

Title : Sign Language
Thesis : To help bridge the communication gap between the hearing impaired and those of us that do not suffer hearing loss.

Attention grabber : *Good morning to our beloved English lecturer and my lovely classmates* (do my opening with sign languages without talking to create suspense). I guess by now all of you might already have a clue of what my topic is. That’s right , it’s sign language.

Purpose : Today, I will be demonstrating how to do American sign language.

Relation to audience : It is possible to have at least one deaf person in the school or maybe when we’re already working in the future. Therefore, learning sign language is very helpful for us to communicate with them easily and have a closer bond compared to those who can’t use sign language. Plus, learning sign language gives you edge in looking for jobs.

Credential : My church has a pastor who loves teaching sign languages through songs, so ever since I was in elementary school, I have learned a few songs with sign languages. Besides, when I was in high school, I joined the Pathfinder Club, which is similar in many respects to scouting, only differs by religious emphasis on the activities. We learned many basic skills including sign language.

Preview : The sign language that I am going to demonstrate is divided into two main categories, which includes the basic conversations and manners signs.

(Transition : So let’s start by learning on how to get a conversation going, shall we?)

1 – Basic conversations
Hello - Kind of like a salute, start with your forehead and then go out with your hand
What’s up? – Bring your middle fingers in, and flick up from your chest
How are you?
Put your fist together, slide them against each other with the right hand going forward and left hand going backward (How) and then point at the person you are signing to. (are you?)

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