Dementia Awareness

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CU238P Dementia Awareness


Explain what is meant by the term ‘dementia’.

The term dementia is used to describe an illness that affects the memory. Patients can suffer from forgetfulness, loss of memory and the inability to remember new information. As well as being unable to speak and be understood by others and be unable to carry out general tasks. Patients can also suffer from mood changes and all reasoning. This all has an effect on daily routines and people become unable to look after themselves properly and manage their own personal care.


Describe the key functions of the brain that are affected by dementia.

The key functions of the brain that are affected by dementia are the frontal lobe which controls behaviour, movement and personality. The temporal lobe which controls memory, speech and hearing. The parietal lobe which controls language, special awareness and recognition and the occipital lobe which controls visual processing.


Explain why depression, delirium and age related memory impairment may be mistaken for dementia.

Depression, delirium and age related impairment can be mistaken for dementia as they all have similar signs and symptoms.

Some of the signs that are similar between depression and dementia are - * low mood or sadness
* feeling hopeless and helpless
* feeling irritable and intolerant of others 
* having no motivation or interest in things
* finding it difficult to make decisions
* feeling anxious or worried 
* moving or speaking more slowly than usual 
* disturbed sleep - finding it hard to fall asleep at night or waking up very early in the morning * having difficulties in your home and family life
Some of the signs and symptoms that are similar between delirium and dementia are - * An inability to stay focused on a topic or to change topics * Wandering attention
* Getting stuck on an idea rather than responding to questions or conversation * Being easily distracted by unimportant things
* Being withdrawn, with little or no activity or little response to the environment * Poor memory, particularly of recent events
* Disorientation, or not knowing where one is, who one is or what time of day it is * Difficulty speaking or recalling words
* Rambling or nonsense speech
* Difficulty understanding speech
* Difficulty reading or writing
* Disturbed sleep habits
* Extreme emotions, such as fear, anxiety, anger or depression

Some of the signs and symptoms that are similar between age related impairment and dementia are –

* Asking the same questions
* Forgetting common words when speaking
* Taking longer to complete familiar tasks, such as following a recipe * Misplacing items
* Undergoing sudden changes in mood or behaviour for no apparent reason

2.1, 2.2

Outline the medical and social model of dementia.

The medical model of dementia is about how dementia as an illness affects the mind and body medically, why it affects us and the treatment used to help slow down the effects of dementia. There is no cure for dementia and it is a progressive disease, this means that it gets worse over time. The most common type of dementia is Alzheimer’s The social model of dementia is about how the disability affects the everyday life of a sufferer and their family. How it restricts daily activities around the home and socially. How to come up with strategies to improve daily routines to enable everyone to cope better with the situation. What and where to get help and support if you are a sufferer or a carer of someone who is suffering.


Explain why dementia should be viewed as a disability.

Dementia should be view as a disability because people who suffer with it need support to take part in everyday activities. As dementia is a progressive illness tasks such as eating, drinking, personal care, cleaning, laundry etc become impossible. The...
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