Delinquency Among Teenagers

Topics: Adolescence, Juvenile delinquency, Behavior Pages: 19 (5980 words) Published: June 20, 2013
Welcome to the topic: Delinquency Among teen agers. Let see how bad delinquency is and how seriously when it comes to delinquency among teenagers. It deals primarily with yourself. It pertains us, Teenagers- the hope of our nation, it has been foretold by our national hero: Jose Rizal.

We as teenager, we look obviously to our outward appearance, fashion, new expressions, the way we talk, what’s-IN today, affair, love problems and anything that pertains to teenager world including early pregnancy.

A wide range of issue into a problem that we’ve been tackling today, but let see how bad seriously in terms of delinquency among teenagers. Well, let’s have a look!

1. What would be the reason among teenagers or being a delinquent and desperate life?

2. Who is responsible to answer all of this teenagers, who commit this kind of situation?

3. What is the solution of this problem?

4. Why some delinquent teenagers being acted like a rebellious people?

5. What are the bad effects of being a delinquent teenagers?

6. How seriously bad delinquency is?

7. Since, this delinquency gave all the disadvantages, perhaps you could give the insights and the most reason of it?

8. During the behavior of these teenagers, what advices we could give or motivational status we should prefer to them?

9. What are the reactions behind this cases, that lies about economy and governmental problems?

10. Are the parents of these delinquent teenagers lack of loving and understanding?



• As is found in almost all studies of delinquency, girls were less likely to report being involved in delinquent acts than were boys. For example, 29% of girls aged 12 to 13 reported being involved in some type of aggressive behavior, including such things as, threatening someone and getting into fights, compared to 56% of boys aged 12 to 13. The majority of aggressive behaviors were relatively minor.

• Self-reported rates of aggressive behavior were highest in the Prairies. Quebec 12 or 13 year old youths report the lowest level of aggressive behavior compared to 12 to 13 year olds living in other regions.

• Many children involved in delinquent acts involving property were also likely to be involved in aggressive behavior. Forty-seven percent of the 12 and 13 year olds who reported high frequencies of delinquent acts involving property also reported high frequencies of aggressive behavior.

• Data demonstrate the challenges of dealing with aggressive youth by focusing solely on those who are ‘highly aggressive’ at age 10 and 11. For example, of the children who were at the highest frequencies of aggressive behavior at age 10 and 11, 45% were not reporting any aggressive behavior two years later at age 12 and 13.

• Of the youths who were not aggressive at age 10 and 11, only 5% reported involvement in relatively high frequencies of aggressive behavior at age 12 and 13.

• Children who reported being bullied at school were more likely than those who were not bullied to be aggressive. Ten percent of 12 and 13 year olds who were never or rarely bullied reported high frequencies of aggressiveness where as 20% of 12 and 13 year olds who reported being bullied a lot were involved in high frequencies of aggressive behavior.

• Children who experience higher levels of punitive parenting and lower parental nurturance are also more likely to report high frequencies of aggressive behavior.

• Children who were involved in aggressive behavior were more likely to be depressed. Of those who were not very depressed, 5% were involved in high frequencies of aggressiveness whereas seventeen percent of youth who were very depressed reported being involved in high frequencies of aggressive behavior at age 12 and 13. The same pattern emerged with delinquent acts...
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