Definition Paper

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Definition Paper
April 24, 2012

Definition Paper
Companies are constantly battling to survive. Having a competitive advantage helps companies to be more profitable and achieve long-term success. There are three processes that companies can use to maintain a competitive advantage: innovation, creativity, and design. Innovation, creativity, and design are vital components to maintaining a competitive advantage because all are part of creating new ideas or improving on existing products or services. Innovation

Innovation can mean different things depending on the person or group. Innovation consists of creativity and implementation (Stamm, 2003). Without implementation, creativity is left standing alone. An innovator has to use creativity to develop an idea and then be able to implement the idea. Implementation involves putting something in place and creativity is developing the idea that is to be implemented. Innovation is what pushes companies toward their goals; it helps determines their successes and failures. Design

Stamm defines design “as the conscious decision-making process by which information, as an idea, is transformed into an outcome, be it tangible or intangible (Stamm, 2003).” Design is important to organizations when deciding what and how new products will be developed. Design is what helps a company be able to stand apart from it competition. In the design process, creativity is also important. Creativity will allow employees in the company to think outside the norm and help heighten the design process. Creativity

Creativity is the ability or power to create or bring into existence something new. Not everyone is able to be creative naturally. Some people, if the organization is able, can be taught to be creative. However, learned creativity is not always as effective as natural creativity. In order for creativity to occur, the person in charge must know the job that is at hand and be excited about it....

References: Von Stamm, B. (2008). Managing innovation, design and creativity (2nd ed.). Chichester, United
Kingdom: Wiley
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