Defining the Project

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Project definition

Definition of a Project
“A project is an endeavour to accomplish a specific objective through a unique set of interrelated tasks and the effective utilisation of resources”

The mission of a project is to achieve the requirements of the contractor’s business mission. For example, if a contractor’s business is to develop and implement automated systems for business oriented applications, such as accounting, or financial reporting, developing an automated system for monitoring, testing, and controlling a chemical process for a pharmaceutical company would not be within this contractor’s business mission.  

The planning process is based on the project objective, which establishes what is to be accomplished. The objective is the tangible end product that the project team or contractor must produce and deliver for the sponsor or customer, in order to achieve the expected benefits from implementing the project.  

On the other hand, the project objective must be clear, attainable, specific, and measurable. Moreover, it should include the following elements: * Expected benefits
* Primary project end product or deliverable
* Budget
The project scope defines what needs to be done. It represents all the work that must be done to produce all the project deliverables, satisfy the sponsors or customers and accomplish the project objective.  

The project team or contractor prepares a project scope document that includes many of the items contained in the project charter, RFP, but in much greater detail. This document helps stakeholders to understand the scope of the project. The project scope document includes the project exclusions which explicitly state what is not included in the project.

However, the project team or contractor must avoid scope creep which is informally making changes to the project scope without appropriate approval.  
Constraints of the project could include such things as a requirement to complete the...
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