Decision Making Technique

Topics: Critical thinking, Decision making, Problem solving Pages: 4 (1015 words) Published: June 18, 2013
Decision in Paradise Part 2
MGT 350
February 26, 2013
Instructor: Dr. Lillie Hibbler-Britt

Decision in Paradise Part 2

The Mission

Our mission is to create a greater presence in Kava. We need to develop and manage an effective and highly efficient organizational structure and process which includes: Marketing, finance purchasing technology human resource, physical resource strategic planning and leadership. Our hope is turning the situation into an opportunity.

Apply decision making technique to identify the solution to the problem
The first step in applying a decision making technique to identify a solution to a problem is to identify the problem. The problem in this scenario is overcoming obstacles to establish a greater presence in kava. The problems

Potential risk associated with the location
Diverse composition beliefs attitude and ideologies
Religions /languages /age

The problem of the potential risk associated with the location was mostly unavoidable especially since they can be viewed as forces of nature or acts of God. These are such as, Tidal waves/tsunami, typhoons/hurricane/ tornado, floods and volcanic eruptions.

Other problems associated with the location a HIV/AIDS, Petroleum spill, fires and high risk for avian flu.

Considering the disaster threats, the risk associated with the location and diverse composition of the people of Kava, many important factors that needs to be considered. After defining and analyzing the problems we have to identify the solutions.

We can use several options in applying a decision making technique to identify appropriate solutions.

We can also create assumptions and generate hypotheses
We use more than one hypothesis because using only one may result in evidence being ignored and information not seen as relevant might be overlooked.

Provide analysis of specific steps utilized in applying the selected decision making technique
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