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Executive Summary
The following report is for the attention of the Glasgow City Council. We have outlined a business plan for a new business to be set up for after the Glasgow Commonwealth Games in 2014. Our business idea is an interesting Games Experience in which the public will be able to pay to experience exactly what athletes have done during the games. The main selling point of this would be participating in competitions with the professional athletes outfit and equipment. On top of this, their experience would be filmed and they would be interviewed to be given the feeling that they have just competed in the Commonwealth Games. They would follow the same regimes as the athletes including timetables and diets to give the complete experience. This report follows our decision making process in coming to our final business idea. Discussing the other alternative ideas, their strengths and weaknesses and then reasons for why this idea was prevalent on top of the other ideas. We take everything into consideration including the likes of demand and feasibility and also show financial forecasts, then showing why we made our choice. This report also discusses our use of the theoretical framework for decision making to give a complete justification to our idea choice.

Council Objectives
With regards to the businesses that will be launched during the commonwealth games, Glasgow City Council and the Scottish Government will have objectives of their own and will also want some of the same outcomes. Firstly, one of the main objectives will be to support all of the new businesses that will be launched, through funding etc. This is a beneficial idea as it encourages people to start up small businesses that are necessary for our economy. By starting up a business you are not only creating a job for yourself, but also for others. Another main focus of both the government and the council will be advertising. It would seem logical that a lot of the space for advertising be more prioritised to businesses and events associated with the games, as it is a major event that will not happen for potentially a very long time. Travel is also a key factor for the council and government. They both must ensure that the public transport and roads etc. are up to scratch and ready to be used a lot. This is important as people from all over Britain will want to come and watch the games and they cannot do so without driving here or through the use of trains and busses etc. To tie in with the travel aspect, it would also be important for the government to encourage as much tourism from overseas as possible because sport is universal. In doing so, one of their main focuses will be to make sure that people are coming into a country they feel welcome. Perhaps one of the most important, if not the most important objective for the Scottish government is image. They will be looking towards the council to make sure a healthy and positive image of Scotland is being given by the games, whether it would be through broadcast mediums such as television and radio, or by ensuring the tourist influx to watch the games leave with this image. This is very important for the government as reputation is a very powerful thing, a positive reputation can lead to more tourists and therefore more growth in the economy and also more opportunities for the country. E.g. we could be asked to be the host of even more major sporting events and also be the site of many new businesses which could in turn bring more employment opportunities. Stakeholders

“A stakeholder is anyone with an interest in a business. Stakeholders are individuals, groups or organizations that are affected by the activity of the business” (BBC, 2012). Stakeholders have major influence over a business and that is why they need to be identified correctly and not underestimated. According to Thory (2012) the stakeholders could be separated into two groups: Internal and...

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