Deciduous and Temperate Evergreen Forest

Topics: Deciduous, Evergreen, Temperate broadleaf and mixed forests Pages: 2 (472 words) Published: October 14, 2012
Tropical evergreen forest
Tropical forests are characterized by the greatest diversity of species. They occur near the equator, within the area bounded by latitudes 23.5 degrees N and 23.5 degrees S. One of the major characteristics of tropical forests is their distinct seasonality: winter is absent, and only two seasons are present (rainy and dry). An evergreen forest is a forest consisting entirely or mainly of evergreen trees that retain green foliage all year round. Such forests reign the tropics primarily as broadleaf evergreens, and in temperate and boreal latitudes primarily asconiferous evergreens

Tropical deciduous forest

Deciduous means "falling off at maturity" or "tending to fall off", and is typically used in reference to trees or shrubs that lose theirleaves seasonally, and to the shedding of other plant structures such as petals after flowering or fruit when ripe. In a more general sense, deciduous means the dropping of a part that is no longer needed, or falling away after its purpose is finished. In plants it is the result of natural processes. Deciduous has a similar meaning when referring to animal parts, such as deciduous antlers in deer,[1] ordeciduous teeth, also known as baby teeth, in some mammals (including human children). Temperate deciduous forests

Temperate deciduous forests or temperate broad-leaf forests are dominated by trees that lose their leaves each year. They are found in areas where warm moist summers alternate with mild winters.[1] The three major areas of this forest type occur in the northern hemisphere: eastern North America, eastern Asia[2], and Europe. Smaller areas occur in Australasia and southern South America.[3] Examples of typical trees include oak, maple, beech, and elm. The diversity of tree species is higher in regions where the winter is milder, and also in mountainous regions that provide an array of soil types and microclimates. Temperate evergreen forest

In the Temperate Evergreen Forest and in...
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