Debut Albums and Pause

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“Betrayal” by Harold Pinter
Scene Three (FULL VERSION). Flat. Winter. JERRY and EMMA.
JERRYWhat do you want to do then?
EMMAI don’t quite know what we’re doing, any more, that’s all. JERRYMmnn
EMMAI mean, this flat…
EMMACan you actually remember when we were last here?
JERRYIn the summer, wasn’t it?
EMMAWell, was it?
JERRYI know it seems –
EMMAIt was the beginning of September.
JERRYWell, that’s summer, isn’t it?
EMMAIt was actually extremely cold. It was early autumn.
JERRYIt’s pretty cold now.
EMMAWe were going to get another electric fire.
JERRYYes, I never got that.
EMMANot much point in getting it if we’re never here.
JERRYWe’re here now.
EMMANot really.
JERRYWell, things have changed. You’ve been so busy, your job, and everything. EMMAWell, I know. But I mean, I like it. I want to do it.
JERRYNo, it’s great. It’s marvellous for you. But you’re not – EMMAIf you’re running a gallery you’ve got to run it, you’ve got to be there. JERRYBut you’re not free in the afternoons. Are you?

JERRYSo how can we meet?
EMMABut look at the times you’re out of the country. You’re never here. JERRYBut when I am here, you’re not free in the afternoons. So we can never meet. EMMAWe can meet for lunch.
JERRYWe can meet for lunch but we can’t come all the way out here for a quick lunch. I’m too old for that. EMMAI didn’t suggest that.
You see, in the past… we were inventive… we were determined., it was… it seemed impossible to meet… impossible… and yet we did. We met here, we took this flat and we met in this flat because we wanted to. JERRYIt would not matter how much we wanted to if you’re not free in the afternoons and I’m in America. (Silence)

Nights have always been out of the question and you know I have a family. EMMAI have a family too.
JERRYI know that perfectly well. I might remind you that your husband is my oldest...
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