Debate Speech: "Literature Is Useless & Insignifigant" (Assigned Stand: for)

Topics: Literature, Romeo and Juliet, Novel Pages: 3 (731 words) Published: June 17, 2011
TOPIC: Literature in all its forms - novels, stories, poems and drama - are useless and have no signifigance in later life MY STAND: For
TIME: 4 minutes

As a debator on this topic I will be speaking for the movement.

Literature in all its forms are useless and have no signifigance in later life. It is a fact that can't possibly be denied even by the most avid of literature lovers! Literature can't be to ANY practical usage in our later lives. Ten years from now, apart from that tiny 1% of the world's population who would walk the literary path, the rest of us would end up scientist, IT experts and doctors. Do we NEED R.L.Stine's Fear Street to operate a computer? Does a doctor NEED Tresure Island to cure a patient?

The answer is a blatant : No.

Before we go any further, you'd probably want to know, what IS literature? - The written or printed production of the human mind, figments of someone's imagination, fiction.

Today we've got dozen's of award winning novels. Does Stephenie Meyer's 'Twilight' series ring a bell? J.K. Rowling's 'Harry Potter'? Or Meg Cabot's 'Princess Diaries'? These writers create a world of their own, conjuring up tales of romance, love, mystery, suspense and horror... They are illusionary, fictitious! By drawing us into the story, people get influenced and develop UNREALISTIC goals - especially us teenagers - towards disastrous lifestyles.

Shake your heads all you like but its TRUE and its HAPPENING! There are some teenagers who get so carried away by tales of gory murders and killers without a conscience that they actually carry out massacres to get the so-called 'adrenaline rush' like certain characters of some books.

We've got a generation on our hands who think these novels are the best things that have ever happened to them. DON'T YOU GET IT? This is a writer's aim. To make you buy their books so that THEY profit. Lack of your interest equals to a lack of their income. It's all a parade done on a monetary basis....
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