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Topics: Teacher, High school, Education Pages: 3 (903 words) Published: February 25, 2014
To my fellow students, to my worthy, Mr. Moderator and to the board of Judges, ladies and gentleman a pleasant morning. I am the second speaker of the affirmative who strongly believe on the proposition “ Resolved that K-12 Education system be abolished” based on the following contentions to wit: First, K-12 curriculum is a proposal of government that would add two more years to the secondary or High School level. So therefore, we have 6 years in grade school and another 6 years on high school. K-12 education system implemented in our country is a bad idea for me. There are too many glaring factors and reasons on why this is a bad idea at this time. First, Poverty.THIS is the most glaring issue here and THIS is the most popular reason. Majority of the Filipinos are having a hard time in balancing the budget for primary needs of their families. How about those parents who can’t afford very high tuition fees that seemingly increase year after year?Some people are even fighting neck-to-neck with one another just to get their kids to schools that are perceived to give quality education. Nowadays, it is very difficult to sustain quality education for a much younger member of the family. Second, Teacher’s Training and Interest.No matter how good the system is, it will just end up a failure if you are not putting the best and the most competitive. Given the current overall status of teachers in the Philippines, I think that they aren’t that prepared for an extended run.There is a positive side, because there will be more jobs generated for teachers. However, most of the teachers think that they deserve more than what they are currently being paid for.If a good teacher is just being paid at a low rate, then it is just another bad case of “Brain Drain”. Some of our teachers might just end up showing displeasure, and will find other ways to make a living instead. Furthermore, we will just continue to lose our best professionals trained in grassroots at a...
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