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Death Penalty for or Against

By phuongnguyenneu Apr 15, 2013 709 Words
The death penalty is one of the highest punishments of many Governments in the world. Some people believe that it is a violation of human right while others consider it a prevention of crimes. Personally, I am strongly agree with the latter. The death penalty, first of all, is benificial to society's security. Thanks to their fear of the strictest punishment, hardened criminals give up their harmful intentions such as killing or causing crimes. In addition, never do normal people dream of worry about violence that may put in their deprive them of freedom and make themlives danger. As a result, that/ the practice of capital punishment leads to a sharp drop in crime rate. Moreover, the assistance for economies is another advantage of applying the death penalty. After applying/imposing this kind of punishment, goverment may spend little financial resource on prison construction, prisoner nurture, and other related expenses. Therefore, they will have more budgets to develop key industries. Not only are there fewer economic losses related to criminals but also the economies may grow sustainablydue to citizen's safety feeling. To conclude, although there are some disadvantages of usage, the death penalty gives our society many advantages including both economy and security benefits. Therefore, the death penalty is absolutely reasonable in our society.

Death penalty, first of all, is to have a positive (has positive effect) on social security; with the rate of crime reduce (reducing) from 25% to 10% in Vietnam (Câu này diễn đạt không thoát ý, bạn có thể tách thành 2 câu, 1 câu topic và một câu support, như vậy bài của bạn vừa trông dài hơn, vừa dễ hiểu nhé) Another advantage of death penalty is (to) effect on economy. (tối nghĩa) Government does not expense so much for (expend too much money on) building prisons, feeding them and providing them with good facilities. In Vietnam, the death penalty’s implementation (the sentence of capital punishment) to serious crimes such as a crime related of (to) drug, murder crimes,….No soonerthe death penalty is implemented do children raise their awareness and warnings. (No sooner is the death penalty implemented than children are aware of what they should do) It is high time that people responsible (that people were responsible) for their actions. Finally, death penalty is a effective deterrentmeasures (measure) to prevent dangerous crimes repeat offernse (what is this) and protecting (protect)public safety

The punishment for criminals is always concerned in order to better society (one of the most concerned matters of the society). Some people believe that death penalty is benefical for (beneficial to) social security while others claim that it is not humanitarian and unfair when executing it. Not once do I think that it is necessary to do (use) death penalty.

First, death penaly is not effective to reduce crime rate. With death penalty done (applied), criminals are afraid to be (of being) punished, causing (and try to create) more forms and methods of crime, which is a contributor of becoming more difficult to arrest them (to more difficulties in arresting them). For example, states in the United States (some states of the United States) that do not employ the death penalty generally have lower murder rates than states that do. 

Futhermore, it is benifical (beneficial) for economy without death penalty (not using death penalty is beneficial to the economy). No sooner are prisoners killed than their families including children and the old (old people – the old chỉ người già nói chung còn câu này chỉ muốn nói tới những người lớn tuổi trong gia đình) are catalysts for bigger welfare burden. On the contrary, with death penalty disappearing(rejected), criminals could (can) have chance to compensate (for) their mistakes which have broughtdisadvantages for society and become cheap labor to serve (the) community. As a stark example, in Vietnam, a lot of prisons educated (after being educated, many prisoners) turned back community, took care of themselves, their families and become helpful for society. (thống nhất về thì của động từ, nên dùng hiện tại -> turn back to the community, take care of their families and become helpful for the society)

In conclusion, only by removing death penalty can (the) society embark on the journey to subtainable(sustainable) development.

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