death penalty

Topics: Murder, Capital punishment, Prison Pages: 1 (716 words) Published: October 24, 2014
Name Jon-Allen Cardwell Date 10/25/2012 Position Paper The Death Penalty I believe the United States should continue to use the death penalty. I realize the death penalty is a hot topic in the United States today. There are many arguments for and against it. Those people that are for it say, Eye for an eye. Those people that are against it say its cruel and unusual punishment, hence its unconstitutional. I say its a necessary evil in todays society. Throughout this position paper I will go over the pros of the death penalty. There are a few reasons why I am a supporter of the death penalty. First of all is the deterrence. If there was no death penalty I believe the murder rate in the United States would rise exponentially. If there was no death penalty there would be no boundaries for society. You could murder someone and at worst be in prison for the rest of your life. For a lot of felons being an inmate in a federal prison is a sign of stature in some circles, especially if you are in the SHU. If a murderer is put to death there is no chance ever again for that murderer to take someones life. You have to think that a rational person would never in there right mind commit a capitol offense knowing the outcome is the death penalty. There are certain circumstances though that drive a sane person to commit such an atrocious act, such as coming home to your wife with another man or a drunk driver hitting and killing your child. Even in such circumstances the death penalty is still needed. If your mind ever goes somewhere that ends up taking someones life then you need to given the death penalty. That person isnt a productive member of society and goes against everything that the United States stands for. So we dont give the death penalty and put the murderer on death row for the rest of their life. The cost of this is ridiculous. On average it cost 92,000 a year to house a death row inmate. I understand that there are also cost in sentencing someone to death,...
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