Deaf Education in Nigeria

Topics: Hearing impairment, Deaf culture, Deafness Pages: 3 (592 words) Published: September 18, 2011
Deaf Community - Nigeria

In terms of an established deaf community, one of the brightest spots on the African continent is West Africa Nigeria's deaf community is well-established and even has something that we lack in the United States. Demographics of Deafness in Nigeria

One web source said that in 1975 there were at least four million deaf and hard of hearing people in Nigeria. According to the 2004 Nigeria census (Statistics Nigeria, approximately 30 percent of all disabled people in Nigeria have a hearing loss. As would be expected for a country with Nigeria's history, unemployment and illiteracy are high in Nigeria's deaf community.

Famous Nigeria Deaf People

In late 1970, a African American, Andrew was named the most Father of all Deaf in Africa when he came to Ibadan, Nigeria to open the deaf Education. Andrew was well known deaf in United State .Andrew is reportedly the first deaf Black American to get a Phd Degree.

National Deaf Organization

Nigeria's national organization for the deaf is the National Nigeria Association for the Deaf (NNAD,) has been around since 1980. It has all Branches throughout Nigeria. Other national deaf/hoh organizations are Nigeria Deaf Sports Federation, Larger Deaf Sports organization for the hard of hearing in West Africa.

America Sign Language

Estimates state that between a million Deaf Nigerian use ASL, the America Sign Language is similar to yet different from American sign language. For example, the sign for Mother is different from how we do it in the United States. As sign language has grown among Deaf Schools in Nigeria - particularly Nigeria sign language has formed to promote sign language in Northern Nigeria.

Future Deaf TV in Nigeria

One thing that Nigeria's deaf community has that we lack, is a deaf television program. We need to develop a deaf TV program, Deaf TV on Nigeria Broadcasting Corporation's channel. Deaf TV will produce original programming including...
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