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Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.

John Dewey american philosopher

We know a lot of art examples devoted to education and schooling process issues. They are endless expressed in different forms from short literary works to songs and movies. Even fine arts can be added to the list.

trying to reflect upon this subject everyone views it from its own angle. So there are multiple explanations of different problems arising in school as a social cell.
What i'm driving at is that Dead Poets Society movie may be interpreted in various ways, and i'd like to focus my attention on the themes or ideas of the film.
Refering to John Dewey's words i should start with taking Welton Academy students' side and see the events from their point of view. It must be mentioned that all of them are boys. Young boys with ambitions, dreams and emotions. It's not surprising that the appearance of Mr Keatig inspired all of them greatly. At first of course they were quite detached as the school had them get used to conventional methods and strict rules. But he managed to reveal their potential and make them believe that life is something bigger than they thought. No wonder they enjoyed ripping out the pages from a book of poetry to say nothing of organizing a secret society. Each of them felt their own capability of becoming someone they were longing to be. Neil is a bright example of blossom of his mind. Unfortunately the clash of two realities (one that his father destined him, the other he created himself) led him to sucide. It was unbearable for him to put up with his father's attitude because first, he was nothing like him, second,he could find neither the place where he could fit in in his father's plans nor courage to talk to his dad about it. It was destructive impossibility of making his dreams come true.

On the other hand we have Knox, who may have changed himself and his whole life. It was not Mr Keating who prompted him to write...
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  • The essay is about Transcendental themes in the movie "Dead Poets Society."

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