Dead Man's Cell Phone

Topics: Mobile phone, Light, Time Pages: 2 (654 words) Published: May 3, 2013
Jessica Harris
Drama 110
Professor Karen Baker
Play Response: Dead Man’s Cell Phone
November 19, 2012
In Dead Man’s Cell Phone there were a lot of design elements in that helped express the time, location, and underlying theme of this play. They were shown through the set and costume design. However, costume design is different as to where it is more personal and gives us more information about the character and how he or she contributes to the play. These elements are space, line, shape, form, color, texture and Light. Through using examples from the play, these elements will be used to describe what the set and the props say about time, mood, season, place and character.

First let us talk about the set and its’ design. Space is very crucial to a play. The space in this play helped define the locations. However, space needs helped from elements to define the location. The use of props helps with this. For example, the tables in the beginning of the play along with cups helped the audience realize that the location was in a coffee shop or in a café. Another way to differentiate space is to use the back of the stage and the front of the stage along with platforms. For example, when Jean was in South Africa, she was on the back of the stage with a suitcase in her hand. The audience could understand that she was no longer inside a café or the house but possibly on a street somewhere in South Africa.

Another use of props in relation to the set are umbrellas, cell phones, jackets and of course light. The use of umbrellas also set the location and mood. In the play where the scene of actors walking across the stage with their umbrellas open and on the cell phones wearing jackets told the audience that the location was outside but the mood was very bleak. The use of cell phones helps convey the time of which this play is taking place which is in modern time. Color and lighting also helped distinguish mood and place. For example, at Gordon’s...
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