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*kapag may mali sa functionalities paki bago nln nandyan naman na ung mga links at paki ayos nalan to. Pasensya na tlga…. Nag rurush din ako, at ang openoffice ndi naman tlga siya parang mysql na pure data base Part lng ng openoffice ang openoffice.org base so baka may humalong functionality ng ibang part) SORRY! Advantage at dis advantage ng open office pwde Kayla lester naman, gagwa pa ko SAD natin at android naming. Ala pa ko sisimulan.please pls. pls

DBMS: open office org base
Developers: Sun Microsystems (1999–2009) and Oracle Corporation (2010–2011) DBMS Price in the Philippines: openoffice org is a open software DBMS Clients:
Singapore’s Ministry of Defence
Banco do Brasil
IIT Bombay,
 National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development
n Japan, conversions included many municipal offices: Sumoto, Hyōgo in 2004,[156] Ninomiya, Tochigi in 2006,[157][158] Aizuwakamatsu, Fukushima in 2008[159] (and to LibreOffice as of 2012[160]), Shikokuchūō, Ehime in 2009,[161] Minoh, Osaka in 2009[162] Toyokawa, Aichi,[163] Fukagawa, Hokkaido[164] and Katano, Osaka[165] in 2010 and Ryūgasaki, Ibaraki in 2011.[166]Corporate conversions included Assist in 2007[167] (and to LibreOffice on Ubuntu in 2011[168]), Sumitomo Electric Industries in 2008[169] (and to LibreOffice in 2012[170]), Toho Co., Ltd. in 2009[171][172] and Shinsei Financial Co., Ltd. in 2010.[173] Assist also provided support services for OpenOffice.org.[171][173] (basta ung mga naka blue mark yan ung mga gumagamit. Mag hanap ka pa kung san nila gingamit uh! Pls ndi ako maka hanap)

Starting as mere database access functionality of the other OpenOffice.org applications, Base has, with OpenOffice 3, evolved to an own database application. It allows you to access data on an external database of your choice (for instance MySQL, PostgreSQL, and many others), plus bundles the HSQLDB database engine, this way allowing you to kick-start with your own database. Base is a fully featured desktop database management system, designed to meet the needs of a broad array of users, from just tracking your personal CD collection, to

producing a corporate monthly departmental sales report.
Base offers wizards to help users new to database design (or just new to Base) to create Tables, Queries, Forms and Reports, along with a set of predefined table definitions for tracking Assets, Customers, Sales Orders, Invoices and much more. When a personal use database is all you need, Base offers the full HSQL relational database engine, configured for single user, with the data stored right in the Base file, as well as native support for dBase flat files. For power users in the enterprise, Base delivers native support drivers for a variety of multi-user database engines: MySQL, Adabas D, MS Access and PostgreSQL. In addition, support for JDBC and ODBC standard drivers allows you to connect to virtually any existing database. Base integrates seamlessly into the rest of the Apache OpenOffice suite applications, for example: supplying address book data for mail merge in WRITER using the industry standard LDAP protocol, or common address book formats such as Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Windows and Mozilla; creating linked data ranges in CALC files for data pilot analysis or as the basis for charts.

Feature and Functionality
Display of Multiple Writer Pages While Editing
When you are writing larger documents; it is often nice to see the current page in a context, i.e. to also see the previous and the next page. With the new zoom slider, it is now easily possible to change the zoom factor. More importantly, OpenOffice.org Writer can now display multiple pages at the same time. This feature is particularly handy on large monitors or dual-monitor setups Improved Notes Feature in Writer

In the past; notes in OpenOffice.org were just displayed as small yellow rectangles within the text. This was not very intuitive and user friendly. With version 3.0,...
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