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Topics: Project management, Patient, Database management system Pages: 4 (1139 words) Published: August 12, 2011
Definition of scope
Olaya Polyclinic
Purpose of the project:
Olaya Polyclinic has been facing problems due to its paper-based appointment system. With the increase in the number of patients visiting, it has become difficult to manage the appointment system manually. Recording of appointments and creating registers by pen and paper has become a tedious task. Errors such as the entering of the wrong patient ID in the patient file, sending the wrong patient file to the doctor or giving the same patient ID to different patients have become frequent. Also, searching through patient and appointment records and then creating management reports has become a time-consuming task. The increase in staff members to tackle the work load has not proved very successful and rather increased the expenses. The purpose of this project is to solve these complications by creating custom-built database software to manage the appointment system of Olaya Polyclinic. Benefits to the organization:

By computerizing its appointment system, Olaya Polyclinic will benefit immensely. Unlike the paper-based system, the computerized system will be efficient and hassle-free. Sorting through data will become easier as there will be queries set to search through data and give the relevant results. Time will be saved as an appointment can be booked within seconds. Reports and appointment sheets will be generated automatically. Less chances of errors as there will be no duplication of patients IDs, appointments etc. Cost of buying registers etc. will be reduced and less space will be occupied by a computers. Cost of paying staff overtime to create and manage registers will be reduced. With errors minimized, the clinic’s service will be well-organized, which will result in satisfied patients and employees. Objectives of the Project:

The management of Olaya Polyclinic and the Project Manager, in a meeting, has agreed to the following objectives. The database system should; Reduce...
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