David Zinczenko

Topics: Nutrition, Fast food, Public health Pages: 2 (866 words) Published: October 31, 2012
Yolanda Sanchez

Even thought David Zinczenko and Radley Balko take two different approaches on whom should be blamed for obesity, they are actually in agreement that people should become more responsible with what they eat. This common ground becomes clear through Radley Balko argues its personal responsibility to choose what they out in their mouths, while David Zinczenko argues there should be more alternatives for the youth to eat then fast food. Both authors have great point about responsibility and alternative. Obesity should come to an end before it continues putting end to people’s life. Though Zinczenko and Balko take different approaches on who should be blamed for obesity, they are actually in agreement that there is definitely a personal responsibility associated with obesity. Balko argues that it’s the individual’s responsibility to make healthy choices, while Zinczenko argues parents don’t have enough time to pick up healthy food for themselves nor for their children’s. Thereby selecting fast food is the easy way out. Balko is absolutely right it is an individual responsibility for a healthier choice of food. In my opinion I believe that people use “not enough time” as an excuse to eat out. Eating healthy is as easy as 1,2,3 thought some people may not be able to afford a salad from a fancy restaurant or low fat meals they can definitely make themselves a sandwich and pack some fruits and take it as a lunch meal for themselves and their children’s. Preparing a sandwich should only take a minute or two rather then driving up and down the block looking for “food” which in reality they looking for Mac Donald or Burger King instead of wasting the money on fast food restaurant people should consider using that money and buying a loaf of bread, salad, and cracker for there next day meal. If people would do this on a daily basic fast food restaurant wouldn’t exists anymore. Americans today tend to believe that the government should intervene in what...
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