David Sengeh

Topics: Sierra Leone, High school, Freetown Pages: 3 (1075 words) Published: November 11, 2013
David Sengeh was born in Sierra Leone in 1987. He grew up in the city of Bol where his father was an executive at UNICEF, serving as the agencies Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation specialist as well as the Deputy Country Representative for Sierra Leone. Growing up in a family of privilege, at least by Sierra Leone standards, David Sengeh attended private school as a young man, but that does not mean he was immune from the atrocities of the civil war raging in Sierra Leone from 1991-2001. Two of his uncles were brutally killed and his friend living next door was killed by a stray bullet, but thankfully him and his immediate family escaped unharmed. At age 11, he moved to Freetown and attended a public school which was well known for its science curriculum in order to further explore his passions and help his country. Since he was a child David wanted to be a medical doctor. He wanted to help people in his home country and in pursuing this dream would regularly volunteer at the local hospital in order to shadow his uncle who was a medical doctor there. Once he was ready to attend high school, David switched to the Prince of Wales school in Freetown which was an all-boys high school established in 1925 that focused on developing talent within the sciences.

During his high school years David worked extremely hard and achieved the 2nd best results in the country on his national exams. This allowed him to pursue numerous options outside of Sierra Leone. By this time he wanted to do more than be a medical doctor. He felt that he had an opportunity to help people on a larger scale. With this dream in his heart, David accepted a scholarship to the United World College in Norway which provides a pre-university education to exceptional students. Run by the Red Cross, the United World College educates students from diverse countries across the world based entirely on their personal merit, regardless of race, religion or financial means. Its mission is...
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