Dark Themes

Topics: Adolescence, Young adult literature, Young-adult fiction Pages: 2 (555 words) Published: March 19, 2013
Baylee Gibson
English 2
1 March 2012
Dark Themes of Young Adult Literature
Young Adult Literature may get dark at times, but so do your teenage years. Even if kids do not read Young Adult Literature they will still be exposed to the dark themes. The books may be dark at times but they teach kids lessons and expose them safely to the dark themes. First, Young Adult Literature is dark at times. In source A Gurdon says “so dark that kidnapping and pederasty and incest and brutal beatings are now just a part of the run of things.” That statement is saying that brutal beatings are becoming less and less of a big deal now a days. Young adult literature becomes “dark” because of this. Gurdon says in source A “books focusing on pathologies help normalize them.” Reading books about kids cutting themselves will make other kids think that it is perfect normal to cut. People think that just because its in the books that it make it ok and it is not. Next, these “dark” books could be teaching kids lessons. In source B Farley says “Novels can help provide kids with moral architecture to house ideas about the world.” When reading Young Adult Literature, kids can pick up positive things besides the dark things. When the kids are exposed they could feel safer and know how to take care of the situation. Not all Young Adult Literature is dark themed. In source E Reid and Stringer say “Novels do describe the painful long term problems.” When reading, kids are able to learn about what will affect them in the long run if they make those awful decisions. Hopefully kids will not want to do the “dark” things after learning the long term effects. Lastly, being a parent is very hard, and raising the kids right is always harder. Parents want to expose their kids safely to these “dark” themes. Farley's babysitter says “He hears this stuff at school anyway. He should hear the right story.” Kids at school may only hear the bad part or twist the story all up. Watching the news...

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