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I saw La Pasion Flamenca in Stratmore Music Center on February 14, 2013 performed by Flamenco Vivo dance company from New York. It was a full house performance, and I watched a wonderful show under the founder and artistic director of Carlota Santana. Under her direction, company enriched its repertory and included dances from different Latin countries, such as Mexico, Cuba, Puerto Rico and Colombia, to its major performance about flamenco. Carlota Santana uses flamenco to build bridges between cultures, and while she is doing that innovative music, exotic movements, artistic power and passion electrifies the audience. Dancers were Antonio Hidalgo, Leslie Roybal, Laura Peralta, Leilah Broukheim and Isaac Tovar. Musicians Gaspar Rodriguez, and Ricardo Anglada played guitar, Francisco Orozco played YiYi and also sang together with Roberto Lorente.

La Pasion Flamenca had two parts. First part was La Pasion Latina and second part was La Pasion Flamenca. In the first part, La Pasion Latina, dancers performed famous Latino dances like Salsa from Cuba, norteno from Mexico, cumbia from Colombia and famous Latin rock music regaeton together with traditional flamenco music. It was very creative and a wonderful combination. Adaptation and transformation of the traditional flamenco dance and music to present time was magnificent. Again in the first part, Colombianas was performed by two men and two women dancers. The dancers were very successful showing a festive mood of the dance. All of the women dancers looked graceful and mysteries on a dark stage under a 1

dramatic spot light with their colorful dresses and castanets. Leslie Roybal, a small, powerful performer, stands out with her articulate hands, and intense footwork in Martinete solo which reflects the way women express herself through dancing. Shawls are important part of the flamenco, and colorful embroidered shawls that...
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