Dangers of Journalism

Topics: Iraq War, Bob Woodruff, Journalism Pages: 3 (948 words) Published: October 14, 2007
Hazards and danger are common in careers such as construction, firefighting and law enforcement. However, if the question "Name the most dangerous careers" was asked on Family Feud, Journalism most likely would not be found on the survey list. When contemplating a career as a journalist, one probably does not initially consider the risks that they may encounter.

"As recently as last week the media has been filled with coverage regarding the injuries sustained by news anchor Bob Woodruff and his camera man while reporting from Iraq. Their vehicle was hit by a roadside bomb near Taji, north of Baghdad." (Associated Press, Jan. 30, 2006). "As a seasoned journalist, Woodruff was well aware of the risks involved covering news in a war zone." (Kurtz, H.; Jan. 30, 2006).

" The war in Iraq has become one of the most dangerous stories covered by journalists in the past decade. Many journalists have been killed while covering the war and countless others have been injured." (Weiner, E.; Oct. 8, 2004) "According to the Committee to Protect Journalists, 61 journalists have been killed in that country since the 2003 war began. Michael Kelly, a Washington Post columnist and former editor of the Atlantic Monthly is one of the casualties. Many have been kidnapped, shot at and wounded including Times Michael Weisskopf, who lost a hand after an explosion."(Kurtz, H.; Jan. 30, 2006).

"‘According to Ann Cooper, director of the Committee to Protect Journalists, "The Pentagon takes every opportunity to say ‘If you're worried about security, travel imbedded with us.' This is just a reminder that it's still a very high-risk place, even when reporters are with the troops.' CNN correspondent Michael Holmes's car was shot at in a 2004 attack in which his camera man was wounded in the head and two Iraqi staffers were killed. Holmes stated, ‘Personally I feel probably more nervous if I'm driving along in a Humvee, armored or not, because a US convoy or a military convoy...

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