Dandruff Control

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Dandruff is the most common condition affecting the scalp the old cell pushed by new ones i.e renewation. In this scalp become scaly skin cell collect in clump. after brushing it come and gather on shoulder. Generally occur between age 20 -30.it affect more male compare to male. It is treatable can stopped but reoccurrence occur if treatment stopped.

Dandruff produces grayish white flakes of skin .it is visible on hair and shoulder. it causes itching and soreness on scalp.it causes itching and tightness to scalp. Sebborrhoic eczema is the more severe form of dandruff. It also affect eyes, eye brow sometimes whole face. Skin become inflamed crusty. Sometimes psoriasis occur in this inflamed red patches occur, white grayish patches cover it. CAUSES

Normal brushing of hair not occur then there is accumulation of flakes and dead skin cells ,which causes inflammation and irritation to scalp. There are one organism pityrosporum ovale that is yeast fungi which lead in this disease and play major role in causing this disease. In summer may be they persist but in winter condition become worsed they get all their favourable condition for their growth. Dandruff can also due to nutritional deficiencies like vitamin B and lack of some fatty acid. Immunological weak person also suffers from this problem like HIV and PARKINSON’S patient. Production of antibodies which are immuno globulin molecules reacts with antigen.

Some evidence suggest that lipid and protein present in the skin secrete other enzyme.The increased p.ovale increase lipase activity,during which the organism digest skin lipid and turn them in to fatty acid,causing skin inflammation...
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