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Khmer Traditional Dance
This dance is danced to live music with traditional Cambodian instruments. There is also singing done by the musicians. It is performed on an indoor stage. The dancers are very graceful and move slowly. The focus a lot on head movements even though there is a slight tilt from side to side. The dancers are carrying a goblet. They wear costumes with headpieces. The hands and wrist move and the focus is on the upper body because the long skirts cover up the legs. This dance looks like it may symbolize something that has to do with the goblet prop. Royal Ballet of Cambodia

This dance is danced on stage and with live music and traditional singing. The dancers are very graceful and the women play both the male and female part. There are dancers in the background sitting. The dancers use their hands and do not travel very much. The costumes are elaborate and the headpieces are very large. The facial expressions are subtle and not dramatic. The torso remains upright. The dance is performed indoors on a stage with lighting. This dance may symbolize a love story because there are both male and female roles. Tahiti Group Dance Performance

This dance is performed on an outdoor stage with live music. The male dancers wear grass skirts just as the female dancers. The dance is very fast and upbeat. The female dancers move their hips while the male dancers move their legs in a scissor motion. Like the Cambodian dances, the facial expressions are not dramatic- they are very subtle. Male Tahitian Dance

This is performed outdoors on grass to live music. The audience is not shown in this video but it seems like the audience is very casual. The dancers are scream and chant with passion. The male dancers wear garlands around their arms and ankles. They are in very short grass skirts. The dancers move very quickly using their legs and arms. They travel as a group and do the same movements as a group. Fiji Dance

This dance is...
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