Daisy: the Great Gatsby

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Leticia Duran
English 100
30 march, 2013
Deadly Green
Daisy Struggles with multiple battles throughout her life, many of them changing her and disrupting others around her. Her biggest struggles are money, marriage and lost true love. These are very similar to what everybody deals with, but the big difference here is the amount of money that is carried throughout this story, it seems to dictate every choice that is made.

You are very innocent as a child, wherever you are and whatever you are around, that’s who you become. There is no escaping it, very seldom does it happen. Try to imagine growing up in a wealthy house hold and community, so wealthy you don’t plan your days, trips or life, simply because you have the money to do whatever you want. How would that affect your decision making, yourself image and judgment calls. In the first chapter of the book, when Nick meets up with daisy, they shortly talk about Daisy’s daughter, but her comment is not like a mothers wishes for her daughter, she bitterly says, “I'm glad it's a girl. And I hope she'll be a fool-that's the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool.” Although, Daisy is not a fool herself, she is called witty, but yet acts like she has barley any thoughts. (Fitzgerald, 22)

This makes you wonder about her marriage, when she returns to the east coast you can automatically tell that her marriage to Tom is an unhappy one. It’s clearly obvious when a call is made to the house and Nick is told that its Tom’s mistress. Daisy then gets up to get Tom which shows that even daisy is aware of his doings. I believe Daisy’s judgment call on who to spend the rest of her life with was clouded purely by money. She had the choice between Gatsby, poor, and Tom, rich, and I believe that how she mostly view, of course there was the different feeling she had between them based on who they were but she chose to make her decision off of money.

Unfortunately, money has ruled her...

Cited: Fitzgerald, F. Scott. The Great Gatsby. New York: Scribner, 2004. Print.
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