Cypop5 Task 5

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Cypop5 Task 5
Safe home environment
As a child-minder my aim is to provide a safe environment. In my home I provide:
Age related toys to avoid choking etc. and are not broken or have any sharp edges or things hanging off.
A stair gate
Smoke alarms
First aid kit
Radiator Guards
Plug socket covers
I do a risk assessment each morning in the home and garden to make sure that everything is safe for the children to come into.
Make sure all main doors are kept locked and the key put on a hook near the door out of reach from the children
Alcohol put away and out of sight from the children
Pet food out of reach
Plug sockets have protectors in
All highchairs/ booster seats have 5 point harness
All household cleaners are locked away
Plastic bags out of reach
Fire blanket
Make sure all sharp objects are out of sight and reach of children
Use short coiled flexes on electrical equipment
Bathroom /Toilet
Keep all cleaning materials out of reach
Make sure all air fresheners are kept out of reach
Make sure floor is kept dry
Make sure toilet seats are regularly cleaned using disinfectant.
Make sure all shed /garage doors are kept locked
Any items containing water covered
Make sure all gates are secure and locked
Make sure all fences are secure
Make sure all toys are safe and have safety marks and are not broken
Make sure all large play equipment is safely secured in place
Make sure pram/ buggy are safe – EG: harness, brakes.
Child walking under 5 has reins or hands trap.
Cross the road in a safe place
Practise road safety with children
If travelling by car makes sure you have child in the right car seat/ harness for age
Assess any play area and do a risk assessment on it before letting the children go and play. Check area is clean and safe assure any play equipment is safe to play on.
All medicines are stored safely away and out of the reach children and are properly labelled.
Never give medicines without

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