CYP32 1

Topics: Observation, Person, Childhood Pages: 2 (1475 words) Published: March 24, 2015
vCYP32- 1.1 Explain the Factors that need to be taken into account when Assessing Development When assessing children and young people’s development, it is firstly important for this to be done in a sensitive and accurate way taking into account all the factors that matter; such as one’s confidentiality, one’s wishes and feelings, any specific requirements or disabilities of individuals, one’s cultural/ ethnic background, the reliability of information given, ensuring that one avoids bias and includes mixed, open and closed recording methods in assessments. Confidentiality needs to be taken into account when assessing children and young people’s development because in order for a practitioner to carry out observations and assess children and young people, parents/ carers need to give permission to the key worker and childcare setting and there must be a signed agreement stating this in writing. This is so that parents and carers remain informed and up to date with the goings on of the childcare setting and with what the practitioners/ keyworkers plan on doing with the children/ young people in their care. They also need permission as parents/carers need to be able to understand why assessments will need to be done and how this benefits their children and young people. Also, all reports, observations and assessments made on individuals must be stored securely and out of sight from those who do not have permission to assess these records, i.e. other colleagues who have no involvement with the child and other parents/ carers etc. This also protects any sensitive information about individuals being seen or discussed by others as this is a breach of confidentiality. (Children and young people’s workforce, 2010, pg. 82) Children have rights and therefore when assessing individuals, it is important to take into account how they are feeling that day or if they may be going through any transitional changes that may make them not want to participate in any form of...
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