Cybercrime Law

Topics: Internet, Fraud, Pornography Pages: 3 (815 words) Published: September 8, 2013
Cyber crime is a criminal activity committed through the internet .This is a broad term that describes everything from electronic cracking to denial of service attack that cause electronic commerce sites to loose money as well as precious data. Cyber crime s can be divided into three major categories: v Cyber-crimes against person.

v Cyber-crimes against property.
v Cyber-crimes against Government.
Criteria of cyber crime
Assault by Threat: Threatening a person with fear there lives or family through the use of computer net work such as email, videos, or phone Cyber Contraband. Transferring illegal item through the internet (Such asencryption technology) that are banned in some location. Cyber Laundering: It is a electronic transfer of illegally obtained money with the intention of hiding its source and possible and destination. Cyber Stalking: It is express or implied physical threat that create fear through the use of computer technology such as email, phones, text massage, web camp, website etc. Cyber Theft: It means using a computer to steal .This includes activities related to breaking and entering DNS cache poisoning, embezzlement and unlawful appropriation, espionage, identity theft fraud, malicious hacking, plagiarism and piracy .Examples include advertising or soliciting prostitution through the internet.It is against the law to access prostitution through the internet because the process of accessing the Internet crosses state and sometimes national borders. Drug sales, both illegal and prescribed, through the internet are illegal except as a customer through a state licensed pharmacy. Computer based fraud is different from theft because the victim voluntarily gives the money or property to the criminals. Online Gambling: Gambling through the internet is a violation of law because the gambling service provider requires electronic payment through the use of credit card, Debit card, or other electronic fund transfer...
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