Topics: Crime, Internet, Sociology Pages: 2 (744 words) Published: April 13, 2015
CYBER WORLD IS NOTHING BUT A FERTILE GROUND FOR CRIMINALS The internet is often referred to as the birth of a global mind, and has been famously described by Bill Gates as being the town square for the global village of tomorrow. Human beings are attracted to novelty and the great unknown; we have never confined ourselves within our caves, our villages, even our nations. As Jason Silva said- we transcend our limits. We go to the moon, and we create the Internet. The merits of the internet are vast and multifarious in nature, and they scarce need introduction. And yet, to stand against the notion that the cyber world is nothing but a fertile ground for criminals, I would like to present a cost-benefit analysis of the virtual world, to highlight just how erroneous and mistaken the propounders of this motion are. In doing so, I put forward a two-pronged approach to the benefits of the internet, from, firstly, the general uses, to, secondly, the specific ways it helps us in resolving crimes. Since the boom in its usage in the 1990s, the internet has revolutionized the societies it has penetrated. It provides an unprecedented free flow of information, with the result that the entire world’s knowledge is now merely a modem or a wifi network away. It is now possible to disseminate information about any topic under the sun, leading to a larger and more accessible knowledge-base than was ever possible before. Consider, for instance, online education portals that allow one to study any course of their choice. Consider, also, how easy it has become to fulfill our daily needs – clothes, books, even groceries can be bought on any e-commerce site. Job opportunitieS are easily found, news can be read as it breaks, and different view-points can now be presented on the same platform. Social networking is now being used both as a way of keeping in touch, and as a way for prominent figures to maintain a public image. Moving to the second branch of benefits, the internet has, in...
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