Cyber Technology in China

Topics: Uncertainty, United States, Decision making Pages: 2 (557 words) Published: November 20, 2008
Cyber technology in China is very complex and controlling. They have an advantage when it comes to future cyber-war. China has a blockade that prevents both incoming and outgoing material over the internet that has to do with politically sensitive material. This blockade also known as the “Great Firewall of China” blocks content at every gateway which in most cases would be considered to be a barrier to free expression, which is an opposite of that amongst the people in the United States. China finds this kind of barrier as a way to coordinate a better defense against online attacks. The United States may be leaving itself vulnerable to outside enemies allowing them to retain access to vital sensitive material, classified data and possibly allow them to shut down our servers and ultimately take over our telecommunications. The threat of an information-based war with China is particularly real. A Department of Defense report warned that China's military is putting more resources into "electromagnetic warfare," focusing on attacking and defending computer networks (, 2008).

With this kind of control China has, it gives itself a resource no other country has which is a kill switch to open telecommunications. If they were to go offline completely, this would disrupt any possible enemy command or control. The best alternative U.S. agents to block China from being able to do this is to co-ordinate timed denial of service attacks on their own systems by locating themselves within Chinese cyber-net cafes or other workable access points.

Evaluating the risks associated with doing business with China is a crucial exercise. Certain risks can be managed through insurance, hedging and other types of financial planning, but other risks cannot be controlled through such financial mechanisms businesses should examine as it develops its own evaluation of county risks and creates its own strategy to manage the uncertainties those risks entail. (Ivey Business...

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