Internet Censorship

Topics: Freedom of speech, Pornography, Censorship Pages: 2 (556 words) Published: October 9, 2013
Nationwide Internet Censorship and the right to freedom of Speech and Opinion. In nations such as China, the Government controls what journalists write and who they interview, what statistics you are allowed to know and what TV programs you can easily watch as well as individual access of internet. When all your channels of information are censored you can't be certain about what is really going on around you – in your neighborhood, your city, your country, or the world which infringes on the human right of freedom and opinion. However, t he reason as to why it’s so is because the government wants to silence dissent and opposition in the name of harmony and social stability. Internet Censorship comes with its impact on the society. As the internet contains a lot of information many people feel that the government should regulate the information and material that is available on the internet as it may be inappropriate and immoral for the society especially the youth. However, the regulation of information on the internet takes away people's right to free speech therefore People should have control over the material they and their children can access themselves as the Internet is something that they buy access to and which they then choose to surf on their own. Internet censorship protects Women and children by blocking the access to inappropriate information in a time where the pornography industry is increasingly competitive and many adult website think they need to provide more diversions by advocating violent sexual abuse of women and children. However this may also block the use of some useful information for instance content about the book "Moby Dick," as pointed out by Mitch Wagner of Computer World. China use extensive firewall systems to block any information from the Internet which they perceive to be offensive or threatening to their regimes and If a citizen is caught dissenting from the nation using the Internet then they may face severe...
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