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Customer Service at Datatronics

Datatronics is an organization that serves their customers with Enterprise Resource Planning integrated solutions. Their growth is mainly attributed to acquisitions of smaller competitors. E-Z RP was such a company that despite its inferior size compared to Datatronics was able to succeed and outperform Datatronics on grounds of customer service and customer satisfaction. Datatronics recognized the fact and acquired E-Z RP with the aim to improve in that respective area. Just as it is the case with most acquisitions, job uncertainty at E-Z RP came into question when the acquisition was announced, however, all of the employees were able to remain employed. The issue was that most of the positions E-Z RP staff were holding at E-Z RP were no longer in demand and so they were rather integrated into the Datatronics culture based on the corporation’s needs rather than what the individuals were trained to do and what they do best. Matt, who was the head of the E-Z RP development team, lost his position through the acquisition and was appointed to manage the Datatronics customer service center instead – a calling he wouldn’t know much about. After observing the Datatronics customer service center as the newly appointed manager, despite his inexperience in this field, he quickly noticed deficiencies, which he openly brought forward to his new boss, CIO Joel McGivern. Joel was cautious about the idea of improving customer service through increased spending, however, he was receptive to the idea that improvements need to be made. Following is a SWOT analysis of Datatronics as an organization in general and the way they currently operate. Handling of the acquisition and Datatronics’ new environment was taken into consideration while the analysis was performed. Strengths:

Financial power
Wide range of products
Newly acquired power of knowledge on how to improve customer service •Sound acquisition decisions through clear vision on valueWeaknesses: •Poorly trained (bad) customer service (contradictory responses to customer inquiries) •No user friendly or intuitive products

Inflexible products
Poorly managed acquisition integration
Little to no interest on customer needs
IVR system poorly configured and maintained
Little to no opportunities to excel on the job and get promoted •Poorly designed website and thus tool for CSR’s to serve their customers with accurate and timely information •No means for CSR’s to offer suggestions back to development teams Opportunities:

Leave development teams separated by product and specifically trained for those products •Separate customer service into product groups and train them targeting a specific product •Lower wait time through improved routing through effective use of the IVR (Pamela) •Integrate and unify the web site design for all productsThreats:

Customers turn their business to competitors
Outsourced customer service call center
High employee turnover
Reduced customer service budget induced by pressure to reduce prices to remain competitive

I would certainly recommend separating the development and the customer service teams into specific product groups. By doing so, CSR’s would have a higher focus on specific products and would essentially have a greater chance in becoming experts in supporting those through more targeted training and education. Now that teams are revolving around specific products, there is a great opportunity to optimize call routing by which customer wait times are going to be drastically reduced. Along the way, customers will stand a greater chance of getting in touch with the customer service representative who can provide them with superb and expert advice. Finally, there is a great opportunity to offload some of the calls that pertain to frequently asked questions to the company website. In order to achieve this, the web site will need to be redesigned and...
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