Customer Satisfaction

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Marketing decisions are very important to a firm’s success. In view of its ability to provide satisfaction to the growing wants and needs of the people, marketing as an economic activity has thereby gained importance in the economic world. So important it is that it touches the lives of all people all over the world.

Consumer satisfaction is a central concept in modern marketing thought and practice. Referred to many as the "marketing revolution" of the 1970s, a sudden shift toward customer-oriented marketing became the newest "trend" in business—and it has held its ground since: Business starts with the customer. Customer satisfaction matters. It matters not only to the customer, but even more so to the business because it directly impacts a company's bottom line profits.

The marketing concept emphasizes delivering satisfaction to consumers and obtaining profits in return. As a result, overall quality of life is expected to be enhanced. Thus, consumer satisfaction is crucial to meeting various needs of consumers, business, and society. The realization of this importance has led to a proliferation of research on consumer satisfaction over the past two decades. Attempts to make significant contributions toward understanding this important area have been made, including numerous studies and annual conferences on consumer satisfaction/dissatisfaction and complaining behaviour. Consumers compare their perceptions of product performance with a set of standards.

Measuring the level of customer satisfaction is very important for today’s business organizations. Business organizations can use these measurements to improve their business results. Measurement of customer satisaction requires quantitative and qualitative methods. Consequences of satisfaction come out in two different forms. In case of high satisfaction or at least no dissatisfaction, the customers keep their purchasing. The customers exceed their expectations provide a...
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