Cushy Armchair New Objectives and Rules

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As you know, my name is Alison Sampson. I am the new director of Cushy Armchair. I come from Cabletronica U.S. with the purpose of guiding Cushy Armchair to a new era in this changing industry. We will begin with some small steps, all involving “greater consolidation” in order to achieve economies of scale and scope. In order to adapt and to be more competitive, we must focus our efforts to reduce cost, speed product design and improve technology transfer. Specifically, we most work in production, design (fabric & Style), sales and distribution (advertising), and procurement.

Requested Activities
To Purchasing Manager:
oWorld Furniture’s procurement division In New York, will be responsible to contract all chair glide-mechanisms, as well as fabric orders in excess of HK$35,000. This will help us to reduce our raw material cost. •To Marketing Manager:

oNew York advertising specialist will work together with us in launching new advertising campaigns. In this way, we can all share knowledge and come up with the best decision. •To Design Manager:

oNew York staff will be included in any substantial design and feature changes. In order to accomplish our ultimate goal of having everything in one place.

Even though I haven’t yet had the opportunity to meet with almost anyone, I will contact you over the next days to discuss the impact of these policy changes and the changes coming ahead. Do not hesitate to contact me if I have not called you yet. You will receive this MEMO in your native language over the next couple of days. I hope you share my observations and concerns for the future of Cushy Armchair, and I trust you will welcome these changes.

A. Sampson, C.A., M.B.A.
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