Current Trends in Business Communicatio

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Current Trends in Business Communications
Michael R. Collins
COM/285 – Business Communications
May 9, 2011
Mr. Carlos Campos

Current Trends in Business Communications

Technology has affected communication not only in our personal lives but also in our business lives. Companies are trying to achieve a paperless environment that can move information electronically to any place needed instantaneously. Company locations in different time zones or even a different country are no longer barriers to productivity (Ober, 2009). E-mail, the Internet, and texting are just a few of the ways we communicate today in a business environment not easily available until recently. I deal with many groups in my company each day and communication is extremely important. I usually start my day by opening my e-mail to see if any of the e-mails need a response to a particular issue or if I need to provide information for a project. Some e-mails are information only and others will need a reply with a simple email. A phone call or a face-to-face meeting may be required for more technical issues. These emails, phone calls, and meetings enable the stakeholders to perform the needed tasks to complete the project I am managing. The Safety department sends out safety information each morning. Safety is an important company value and is important to me because I want anyone working on or visiting my project to be in the safest work environment possible. This information consists of words of advice, reports of simple scrapes or cuts and any significant safety event that happened the day before. Any of these items could prompt me to hold a safety meeting with my crew that morning if I believe there is merit in sharing this information on my work site. Some emails consist of corporate communications ranging from benefit information to events around the company. This could be an update on the company’s newest retirement plan or information on a ruling regarding a regulatory matter that may affect the company.

E-mails and phone calls can help eliminate a face-to-face meeting or a written letter. A phone call to a stakeholder is followed up by an email to confirm what was said and agreed upon in a phone conversation. Moving information is usually faster with an email or phone call, but that information if not communicated properly is not good information. In my current position I spend a great deal of time in the field and trying to make a meeting in an office is not always convenient. Calling into the meeting is a good way to get the field work that needs to be done and still participate in a meeting. Electronic communication is the way companies are going nowadays. I have worked for two large utility companies over the past 15 years and everything from engineering drawings, employee benefits, corporate communications, and bill paying have moved from paper to electronic. One issue that has come to the forefront is the security of that information. Engineering drawings are available via a server that requires a person to have access rights, to be allowed to view these documents. These documents contain critical information that could be used to affect the reliability of the electric grid over a larger territory. It is the responsibility of those with access to protect that information. Employee benefit packages contain a large amount of personal information that the company needs to keep secure. In my company the only way to sign up for benefits is electronically through the company intranet. Employee’s financial and medical information are areas that can be compromised if not protected properly. The electronic billing of customers also presents the problem of protecting customers personal information such as credit and other financial information.

The message from these new communication trends is that companies are always seeking more effective ways to communicate (Locker & Kienzler, 2008). Effective...
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