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Topics: Malaysia, Sovereign state, Singapore Pages: 2 (343 words) Published: January 7, 2010

Thesis statement:

As Malaysia is slowly growing to be a worldwide well known country, there many ways that the concept of `One Malaysia` can be introduced to the world.

Topic Sentence 1:

The first way we can do is in terms politics and leadership.

• Responsibility of our Prime Minister to make a diplomatic relation with other countries.

• Government has a right to do organization to promote One Malaysia.

• Worldwide conference; so that Malaysia would be known as a successful and independent country which can be an example to other countries which unites many religion, races, and community.

• Ex: The Ambassador of Malaysia can be sent to other countries to promote the concept of One Malaysia from the activities from the organization done by the government. Exchange student from Malaysia can apply this concept.

Topic Sentence 2:

Besides that, Malaysians can also promote the concept of’ One Malaysia’ through their culture.

• The community of Malaysia comes from urbanize races, religion and culture.

• Organize festival which comes from all culture of Malaysia.

• Ex: Warna –Warna Malaysia has been done in Malaysia which involves different races to show their traditional dance, from here we know that different races of Malaysia which include Indian, Chinese, Malay and Bumiputra show their tolerance and cooperation by taking part in this activity and make it a success. (Attract tourism and their can promote it to their friends)

Topic Sentence 3:

The media also plays a big role to make ‘One Malaysia’ known to the world, as this would make Malaysia a worldwide well-known country.

• The song One Malaysia English version.

• Create a blog so other people would recognize the concept of One Malaysia.

• Organizing a worldwide activity for example visit Malaysia through advertisement in television and other forms of media.


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