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The Impact of the One Malaysia Campaign on Malaysia's Defence Forces

By ainapit Dec 13, 2010 444 Words
On 3rd April 2009, Malaysia’s Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak unveiled a new concept - One Malaysia - as a guiding principle to build a united and progressive Malaysian nation in 21st century. The two paramount cardinal principles underlie in One Malaysia concept is to inculcate the spirit and values of togetherness and a sense of belonging among Malaysians, regardless of race, religion and creed.

Najib also reiterated that he will make sure that the future policies formulated by the government will be focused on people centric or people’s interest at heart. He urged Malaysians of all walks of life to admit and accept the reality that Malaysia is made up of plural society. There is no two way about it. Thus, he called all Malaysians to treat diversity in a plural society of Malaysia as energy to progress further to greater heights in future. This One Malaysia concept is parallel with the National Defence Policy which is reflecting the country to defend its strategic interests and maintain national security. Defence policy outlines the three main bases, the country's strategic interests, the principles of defence and defence concepts. It emphasizes the need to maintain the strategic importance of environment of a stable and secure. To uphold the concept of One Malaysia, the Malaysian Ministry of Defence had carried out the ‘One Malaysia One Force’ campaign through the concept of holistic defence. This campaign encourages all races to join territorial army. Equivalent with One Malaysia concept introduced by the Prime Minister, I think this campaign is a clever way to attract all races in Malaysia to join the territorial army. Malaysian military always been associated with Malays as most of the officers that serve this country is from that particular race. This has to be changed in order to fulfil the Prime Minister’s vision. Malaysian Ministry of Defence must plan and strategize ways of enticing other races to participate in military. One way to capture the attention of Malaysians is by increasing the salary of military officers. This would definitely appeal to all races in Malaysia as we always hunger for bigger and better salary. In addition to that, the Ministry of Defence can advertise the career in military as an interesting career where one can defend his or her country. The patriotism of Malaysians needs to be increased because Malaysians today do not seem to care about Malaysia anymore. More campaigns and awareness needed for this One Malaysia One Force campaign to succeed. Career in military should not be seen as burden but something to be grabbed as it is a noble and decent career to defend our country.

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