Currency Trading in Religare

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Report on Summer Training

Currency Trading in Religare

Submitted to Lovely Professional University

In partial fulfillment of the

Requirements for the award of Degree of

Master of Business Administration

Submitted by:

Pallavi Kumari







As a part of the MBA curriculum at LPU, the ‘Summer Internship Program’ enables the students to enhance their skills, expand their craniums by applying various theories, concepts and laws to real life scenario which would further prepare them to face in the near future.

Summer internship is the part of curriculum of LPU which helps in overall development of the student and gives him or her platform to understand the corporate environment as well as to implement the theoretical knowledge.

I would like to thank my company guide Mr. Nitish kumar, Manager(Bancinvest), Religare Securities Ltd, Delhi for allowing me to work in such a great organization.

I would like to thank my faculty guide Miss Tejbir kaur for his valuable guidance and support during my summer internship.



I hereby declare that this project work titled “Currency trading” conducted at Religare Securities Ltd., New Delhi has been prepared by me during the academic year 2009-10 under the guidance of my faculty guide Miss Tejbir kaur , and my Company guide Mr. Nitish kumar.

I also declare that this project is the result of my effort and has not been submitted to any other University or Institution for the award of any degree, or personal favour whatsoever. All the details and analysis provided in the report hold true to the best of my knowledge.

Place: New Delhi Pallavi kumari

Date: 5th august, 2010


In today’s world of highly competitiveness and changing atmosphere, it is not so easy to carve a niche for oneself and stand on your own feet. As per the rule of the nature ‘Survival of the fittest’, this SIP has taught me many important things that one needs to inculcate within himself to face the cut-throat competition. In my opinion the internship program of this curriculum is very practical and important for learning the necessary skills for a bright future of a student and it will surely be helpful in the value addition to the knowledge base.

The study demonstrates how exchanges are versatile institutions, working across a variety of developing country contexts, addressing a diverse range of challenges - some rooted in a country's historical legacy, other arising with the globalization of the world currency economy. Whilst the featured exchanges are operated by the private sector, the role of government - establishing an appropriate enabling framework and providing ongoing regulatory oversight - has been crucial in each country.

It was found that exchange risk management instruments - such as futures and options contracts can be made accessible to and useable by small clients to reduce exposure to price and, potentially, production risks.

The responsibility which I have got in the form of this project by the company, I have completed the project in the best manner which I could do. I am enjoying working with company also. Without any doubt in mind I can say that this opportunity of my life will necessarily be beneficial for me and will add a value in terms of skills and knowledge that is going to help me in near future.



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• Currency Trading for Dummies by Mark Galant and Brian Dolan
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