Culture Globalization and Its Impact on Recreation Culture

Topics: Mass media, Culture, Recreation and Sports Pages: 6 (1353 words) Published: November 15, 2010

the world had occupied through the latest twenty century until that day by globalization theory, its concept and future impacts . the scientists opinions had varied about globalization repercussions at rising countries including the Arab and Islamic countries . cultural globalization is one of globalization fields which correlated by cultural side , all life fields impacted by globalization , the sport field is one of fields which impact by social phenomenon what appear on societies , but globalization appearance and its effect on any field will connected by cultural and ideological debates what it's to hard to predict its results.

Cultural globalization is most important globalization fields , Arab makers decision are commit error if they believe that challenges of globalization period is only economic challenges but the most critical challenges in that field is cultural challenges . culture was found and persist as component in expeditions of ideological spreading . the culture object is increasing importance to globalization theory , that cultural exposure isn't the mean to justifies but it become an aim.

media is essential transporter for globalization cultural , mass media is consider to millions of people the main medium to getting the cultural and by fast development to mass media the world become small village and the cultural globalization was appeared . the modern mass media played the greater mission in publishing cultural globalization that this mass media distinct by fast diffusion and crossing the countries with out censorship.

The satellite , computer , internet is consider the most using recreational and mass media, it is one of the important mediums to publishing culture . if the local culture will be changed as a result of publishing cultural globalization that the recreational culture isn't far about this changing , cultural globalization inseparable part of the public culture , so we must know the impact of cultural globalization as social phenomenon at recreational culture for university youth , the youth is the main element in society and the mover energy for development plans , this group is affected most by contemporary world , regional and local changes for them . the societies interested by physical and recreational culture and try to fix knowledge and recreation aspects which help to develop the social and national positive aspects . thus it's important to analyze the common recreational cultural to the most important group of people groups and also know the impact of the new social phenomenon on this culture to Evaluate according to nationality values and habits . no doubt that the cultural globalization is most important and critical world phenomenon impact on culture of youth generally and in their recreation culture especially

the study is contribute in analyzing the recreational culture for university youth , the available data contribute in understanding this recreational culture and how to evaluate it also selection of elements which effect on recreational culture help us in utilization from its positivism and resistant its negativism.

The research aims
knowledge the effect of cultural globalization on :
1. philosophy and concept of recreation for university youth

2. tendency of university youth which relate to recreation activities

3. knowledges of university youth which relate to recreation activities

4. the recreational activities practicing for university youth

5. sociality values which relate to recreation activities

the research hypotheses
1. cultural globalization effect on increasing perception of recreation philosophy and concept

2. cultural globalization effect on increasing university youth tendency toward recreation activities

3. cultural globalization effect on increasing university youth knowledges toward recreation activities 4. cultural globalization effect...
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