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What Makes Us Strangers When We Are Away from Home?
Culture – is an abstract concept. You can’t touch it or see most of it, and much of it can’t be measured. But it has molded each of us into whom and what we are. The way we dress, what we eat for dinner and how we eat it, how we speak, what color we paint our houses, and what we think about these things.

- is dynamic and adaptive.
1. Cognitive Process
Learning, knowledge and perceiving
What people think, how they think, what they believe, and what they value a part of culture. 2. Behaviors
Human behavior can be observed, described and includes all of the things we do. 3. Material Creations
What people create from artifacts to features is product of human cultural activities. Ethnographers
Records and describe the artifacts and features of living cultural groups Archaeologists
Describes artifacts and feature the made of peoples by the past culture. CULTURAL PROCESSES
Leslie White – an anthropologist pointed out that the culture is learned, shared and transmitted to future generations primarily by symbolic system. The most symbolic system used by the humans is language – both spoken and written. Extra somatic Context – where as the word “soma” is derived from the Greek word that means pertaining to the body, and “extra” in this case means outside

- culture is outside the physical body; it is not genetically inherited Enculturation – the process of learning one’s culture while growing up in it. Homogenous Cultures – most ideas, knowledge, values, behavior and artifacts are shared by most individuals. Heterogenous Cultures – there are fewer shared components. Blueprints – culture supplies meanings, understandings, and ideas and is transmitted symbolically. Ward Goodenough has written that “culture, then, consists of standards for deciding what is, standards for what can be, standards for deciding how one feels about it, standards deciding what to do about it,...
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