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World Views and Cultural Landscapes

Every land has a past and a story behind it that has been built with time. This history is extremely important because if you take the time to analyse a certain land, you can realise that it has a lot of interesting things that you can learn. But are some lands more important than other? To characterise a land as a cultural landscape, many criteria are demanded. Also, a big influence for this kind of land is the world view. Here are two important terms that I will discuss about in my essay, but how are they related? Does a relationship exists between these two? Yes it does, and I will make you understand it through my text.

Before explaining you the link between world views and cultural landscapes, it is really important that you understand the meaning of those both words. Before knowing what is a landscape, we have to understand the meaning of the words culture and landscape. What do we refer to when we talk about a landscape? According to my course pack "It refers to the way of viewing the environment surrounding us and the environment itself".1 Basically it means that it is what we can see, it is a territory and it is physically present. A good definition for culture would be : the set of distinctive spiritual, material, intellectual and emotional features of society or a social group that encompasses not only art and literature, but lifestyles, ways of living together, value systems, traditions and beliefs.2 Everybody has a culture and it can be shown in many different ways for example, it can be represented by a clothing, a language, a type of food, a belief system and many more. Now, if we put these two words together we can have the term: cultural landscape. With the definition of those two words, we can have a good idea of what this expression means. It is a mix of a landscape and a culture. Meaning that it used to describe places where a relationship was created between this land and an individual.3 But how does this happen? When a group of individuals take possession of a land and make it their own territory, they fashion it. This means that the "culture" it by making it "personal". This land can now represent the population that is/was living there. This is possible because once we live on a land, we tend to leave traces behind us and this is how we culture it. Next thing that is important to know before finding the relationship between world views and cultural landscapes is obviously the second term we are talking about: world views. First of all by observing the two words composing this term we can have a good idea of the definition. In simple words, it is a perspective of the world. But a definition more complex would be a way for each individual to interpret the world around them and forms the basis on which they take decisions.4 A world view can be composed by elements such as belief about knowledge, what is good, what is bad, religion etc. Now that we know the definition of cultural landscape and world views, can we find any relationship between those two terms? Does it exist or not? Well it certainly does and we can see it right away. As it's written before in the text, human fashion there land by personalising it. Right away this creates a link between the two expressions. The fact that they leave traces on this lands, they leave at the same time some history. Through this land, we can find some clues on how were the people living before on this territory. What were their belief and lifestyle? All this can be find by analysing a cultural landscape. Just by the way everything is placed and done on this land, can show a lot about how they lived. People left traces on their lands so we can see their culture and understand why the place is how it is right now. Everything has a meaning and this is why it is important to conserve historic cultural landscapes and this will be next subject in this text right after I explain how to identify a cultural...

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