Cultural Identity

Topics: Nonverbal communication, Culture, Communication Pages: 5 (1831 words) Published: August 15, 2011
Cultural identity is what I see myself as, positively or negatively. The way I see things and my judgement is varied by my own personal identity. This is the combination, result of many factors. Like physical appearances and environment, cultural background, gender, etc. My personal identity should be changing everyday, every moment by the building up of my intelligence and experiences. In the earlier stage, my personal identity is solely from my parents. This includes: heredity, culture background and the environment. As I have grown older, fewer influences have come from my parents but more from my friends, peers and teachers. Due to the fact most people want a place to belong to (not necessary be a location), and want to have friends, we'll sometimes alter our decision and benefits to just fit into a group. When getting into the middle age, the biggest influences will probably come from your work, religion and friends still. Although religion is a big factor throughout your life I believe. As you can see friends plays a very big part in everyone's life. Personal identity plays a major part in my quest for self-knowledge, but its up to me to choose my own identity. God created all men equally, but it is up to us to determine whom we ultimately want to be. For hundreds of years, people have been immigrating to the United States in search of freedom, better living and the fulfillment of the American dream. Being an American means to uphold values of independence, responsibility and freedom. America is a huge melting pot of all different cultures, races, ethnicities, etc. Having an American culture is one of the most unique experiences you can ever have. You can literally travel thirty miles and be in a totally different culture area. America represents the "New World.” Where immigrants can do things they had thought beyond their capabilities. That reason is why we find there is this great mix of backgrounds, and why America has been called the Melting Pot of cultures. A large part of American history involves the struggle of ethnic groups against the mainstream population in order to obtain respect and independence. In these days, with the varying backgrounds of American residents, this status can no longer be defined with skin color. Although I have to admit that being white on the mainland of America had more benefits than being white when I lived in Hawaii. I got to feel a little bit of how the African American population was looked at sixty years ago. I was looked at the way African Americans were. Being male for me is just that being male. By being male I have the benefits of males and the disadvantages of being male. I however am very glad to be male. As a male I see the world in a more completive way. The generation I was born into has a lot to do with my culture background. Being born in 1988 influences you differently than being in born in the 70’s or 60’s. I was born in California, moved to Georgia then Hawaii and now Washington. Just those four states alone have completely different culture and regional backgrounds much less the cities within them. My dad left me before I was born and my mom choose her boyfriends over me it seemed like. All it ever felt like there was, was me. This also goes into my history of who has made up my family. I don't know of my history of my family besides what ethnicities I am. How can I know the history when I don't even know most of the present. This affects you world view and how you communicate with people. Your manners and respect towards adult and family may be different from someone from china. Religion was never an important aspect in my life until I found a certain little all African American church. The way the celebrated was communication in itself. I have tried to carry religion into my cultural aspect of life but it is not high on my list. Community and friends however has always been important. I am always talking and getting to know people and learn new things...
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