Cultural Dimensions

Topics: Colombia, Culture, Geert Hofstede / Pages: 12 (3460 words) / Published: Nov 9th, 2014
Fachhochschule Frankfurt
International Business Administration
Cultural Diversity
Professor: Hans Hahn
Summer Semester 2014

Cultural Dimensions of Geert Hofstede: Analysis of Colombia

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1. Introduction 2
2. Culture 3
3. Colombia 5
4. Cultural Models and Cultural Dimensions 8
4.1 Geert Hofstede's Cultural Dimensions 9
4.1.1. Power Distance Index 10
4.1.2. Uncertainty Avoidance Index 12
4.1.3. Individualism vs. Collectivism 13
4.1.4. Masculinity vs. Femininity 14
4.1.5. Long vs. Short-term Orientation 16
4.1.6. Indulgence vs. Restraint 17
5. Conclusion 20
6. References 21

Table of Figures
Colombia Facts & Figures 5
Colombian Population According to Ethno-cultural Identity 7
Colombian Culture through the 6-D Model 9

1. Introduction

With the arise of globalization, the issues about cultural dimensions are of extremely significance to understand cultural differences. It is important that these aspects could be analyzed to contribute to the improvement in the interactions between cultures in the different global contexts, for instance, in the business relations with countries like Colombia.

The aim of this paper is to analyze the cultural dimensions of Prof. Geert Hofstede, author mentioned in the lecture Cultural Diversity, examining them in the Colombian background. Therefore it starts by introducing the meaning of culture with reference to the points of view of different authors and scientist mentioned in the lecture as well, then general details about Colombia are described. Additionally, Cultural Dimensions of Hofstede within the framework of cultural identity are mentioned in reference to the facts and characteristics of the culture of the country under examination. Finally this exam paper ends with a conclusion of the remarked features.

2. Culture

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