Cultural Differences in Thailand, Japan, and Philippines

Topics: Collectivism, Sociology, Generation Pages: 3 (1378 words) Published: December 2, 2010
Thailand: This is a country that has a lot of aspects that could be considered great as a supervisor, but other aspects that might make it challenging for them also. There is a large number of high power distance in this society, which is part of how this culture views as normal because they accept that if you’re at a below and not above position then you can’t expect to be listened too. What Power Distance explains is that a particular society is willing to accept a certain "inequality" in power, this allows for the fact that there will be some who lead, others who follow. As a supervisor in this country we believe you probably wouldn’t be challenged much or ask for anyone’s opinion that was below you, but in fact just make sure they do their work or fire them, which might not inspire great work, but in the fashion of being in this country we believe adapting this way would be more effective then to be seen as a manager who asks advice because of it not being the norm there. When it comes to either being a “I” or “We” society, Thailand tends to be more of an collectivist in the sense that the culture values work and family relationships a lot and wants to get the job done together by working on it together until it is done. This society also values trust and loyalty a lot, which shows that lying and being dishonest is frowned a pond big time. Being a supervisor with knowing this would be great to know that the job probably will get done and effectively too, but in the flip side might be hard to decide who to fire because it a group worked so closely you might not know who to point the finger at. The future orientation of this culture is long term, which is said to be thrift and perseverance as big factors in how the society will continue to be in the future. These two keys words help as a supervisor to show that you have workers that will get thru their work and will make sure it gets done and then start on another job right after that one is done. Some random...
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