Cultural Differences and Global Marketing

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Cultural differences and global marketingCultural differences and global marketing

The progress of humanity and human beings can be attributed to one important factor and that is the strong capability of human beings to understand and adapt to cultural differences. Respecting cultural differences has brought the human beings close together and has tied them in a strong bond. The conquering of the cultural differences has also introduced us to a new terminology, global economy, which is a global system of production, distribution and consumption. The world has become a singular unit because the pace of economic development has accelerated due to an increase in marketing not only at a local level, but also at a global level. Global marketing has conquered and crossed all the boundaries of cultural differences, and brought us together in a realistic global world. Global marketing can be defined as a complex and organized process of conceiving and then conveying an idea or a product to the international market. Global marketing has become a right hand tool of the global economy because it respects cultural differences, covers the barriers of cultural differences as and when required and boosts the global economy, simultaneously connecting the world with a closer and inter- dependent network.International trade has existed from time immemorial and cultural differences were not given importance in the past, but today’s world of global economy and global marketing cannot survive without paying heed to the most critical key of cultural differences because abiding by cultural differences gives an assured warranty of full-fledged success in any business.

Cultural differences exist because of many reasons. The three basic reasons of the cultural differences are-

1) People from different cultures perceive things in a different manner.

2) People from different cultures have different ideals and ideologies

3) People from different cultures have different tastes, attitudes, life style, customs and rituals

One more important reason behind cultural differences, which is never mentioned, but cannot be ignored, is the racial and religious factor. Race and religion are two pillars of cultural differences, may be they are not obviously visible in the field of marketing, but the strong intervention of race and religion in building up the cultural differences cannot be denied. In order to succeed in marketing it is very important to understand the basics of these cultural differences.

A good global marketing strategy is a necessity in order to succeed in the international world of business. The global marketing strategies should be planned by always keeping in mind the different types of culture. It is essential to remember the importance of local and national culture, at the same time one should not ignore the business cultures, social cultures and political cultures. A successful marketing strategy is the one that invariably connects all these cultures, and never neglects a single factor responsible for cultural differences. A weak marketing strategy is the one that ignores the cultural differences, which may ultimately lead to collapse of the global business. One example of a global marketing strategy going wrong and affecting the image of an international company is Nestlé’s breast milk substitute marketing strategy in Africa. Nestle was proud of its product because it was indeed a faultless product, but the company failed to consider the cultural differences before planning the marketing strategy, this resulted in a negative response because the breast milk substitute product was viewed and criticized as an additional cause of malnutrition in African babies. Nestle failed to plan its marketing strategy keeping in mind the cultural differences , it did not consider the illiteracy rate in Africa, nor the possibility of misuse of breast milk substitute product in Africa, thus suffering uninvited criticism...
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