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Topics: Decision making, Management Pages: 5 (1760 words) Published: February 4, 2015
Lead and Manage a Team within a Health and
Social Care or Children and Young People’s Setting.
The given assignment will look at leadership and performance within teams, highlighting theory that supports. Effective team performance will be highlighted within my given role within the nursery; I will also look at different roles including management. As a team leader it is important to be a positive role model for my team, ways in which I ca do this will be highlighted throughout and ways in which I can improve my skills from independent research will also be discussed. Dealing with conflict is discussed throughout the course however there is many of ways in dealing with this, some theories believe there is a process to follow or on the other hand it can be down to the particular individual. Most importantly a shared vision within the early years is very important to establish so we are all working to the same expectations. As a leader and manager this is important to take on board. A work force is more effective if team members support and respect each other and most of all respect their team leader and manager. If the team leader gives their team members support this will help their confidence and will help them to strengthen their weaknesses. As a leader it is important to encourage staff and to resolve any conflict that may arise between staff and to help issues be resolved. It is important for me as a team leader to encourage and support my staff who are committed to their work and to help engage the staff who are less enthusiastic. Strong teams have clear leadership, whatever the form of leadership it is important to be supported by all team members and also adds value to the functioning of the team. As an effective team it is also important to agree on the same terms and rules, this will help how the team make decisions and will deal with any conflict or disagreements. Strong communication skills also help to maintain a good effective team, whether it’s verbal or written, it is important to use good communication skills within a team to ensure message are being passed or and everyone has an understanding of what is happening within the setting.

Understand the features of effective team performance within health and social care or children and young people’s setting Team effectiveness can be seen as constituting five main components: 1) Task effectiveness – the extent to which the team is successful in achieving its task-related objectives. 2) Team member well-being – refers to factors such as the well-being or mental health (e.g., stress), growth and development of team members. 3) Team viability – the likelihood that a team will continue to work together and function effectively. 4) Team innovation – the extent to which the team develops and implements new and improved processes, products and procedures. 5) Inter-team cooperation – the effectiveness of the team in working with other teams in the organisation with which it has to work in order to deliver products or services. A team’s effectiveness can be measured by the successfulness of the outcomes required. An effective team is successful in achieving its task related objectives. In order for teams to be effective there needs to be high well-being, good relationships, receptiveness to modernisation and development as well as cooperation internally and externally.

When developing teams, individual’s statuses within teams, working relationships and roles can change. Some of the challenges found to occur when developing a team are the following: Resistance to accept and adhere to change and modification this usually occurs with mature ling standing members of staff. Change to established social and working relationships and Change or shift in the roles of employees.

During development whether it be building a new team or new procedures it is important for the leader to be supportive and available for issues to be raised. During time of...
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