Conflict Resolution Strategies

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Conflict Resolution Strategies

Wendy L. Decker

University of Phoenix

Conflict Resolution Strategies
In this writing, we will explore and explain strategies of conflict resolution and, encourage teams, individuals and society as a whole to use some of these ideas for their own resolution purposes. “In many cases, effective conflict resolution skills can make the difference between positive and negative outcomes.” (Conflict resolution, 2008). With this in mind, individuals will have hope for a more positive team experience. Thesis statement

There can be many factors that play a role, when conflict arises within a team. Often there can be conflict over leadership, power, roles and just plain differences of opinion. When no leader is appointed, others may feel they are being ordered or bullied around, when in reality one team member may have a stronger perspective on how to start the project. “Teams that do not handle conflict well risk alienated members, lowering productivity and squandering talent. Handling conflict effectively can be the difference between a high performing, satisfied and engaged staff group or a low functioning, tense and unhappy group of employees. Ensuring that conflict is resolved well is the key to enhanced productivity and high morale.” (Jennifer Newman, Darryl Grigg. 2008) Through the use of conflict resolution techniques, many of these arguments and differences can be overcome.

Dealing with conflict
When a team is formed, whether it be assigned or chosen, conflict is inevitable. Some may feel the approach taken to begin the project is wrong, conflict can occur over division of responsibilities, roles and responsibilities. Many people are just simply critical beings and need the conflict to motivate them. What ever the cause or case, an agreement on how conflict will be dealt with is needed within the group. When an agreement on how conflict will be dealt with is lacking, chaos will ensue and prolong the disagreement and possibly cause resentment or anger within the team. These feelings can be harder to overcome in the future and possibly place the entire project in jeopardy. Through the use of a team charter team members can work together to set rules and procedures which will work well for helping the group members realize others capabilities and weaknesses. Having an order by which to refer to reduces the possibility of conflict. The importance of conflict

Unity within the team is always the best way to be sure conflict is dealt with appropriately. “In the 1970s Kenneth Thomas and Ralph Kilmann identified five main styles of dealing with conflict that vary in their degrees of cooperativeness and assertiveness.” (Conflict Resolution, 2008). Conflict can be a healthy emotion for the team to experience as well. It gives a perspective on different personalities and views on certain topics. “Members within the team need to learn how to communicate with each other, other teams, and the rest of the company.” (Pettit, Jeff, 1997) This will aide the process when a conflict arises. Many different techniques and approaches may be used. In the coming paragraphs I will give descriptions of the five most popular forms and explain their advantages and disadvantages. Forms of conflict management

The first form of conflict management described is Collaborating. When a team collaborates everyone wins. Everyone will achieve his or her individual as well as group tasks and at the same time aide in keeping the relationship aspect of the group more pleasant. One of the disadvantages to this technique is time. This type of resolution can be very time consuming and take a great deal of energy out of the individuals. Others may take advantage of another's trust and abuse the relationship. This form of management is best used when individuals do not want to have full responsibility for...

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