CSP 1001

Topics: Person, Empowerment, Personality psychology Pages: 2 (532 words) Published: May 29, 2014
1. What does community service/ volunteerism means to you?
I define volunteerism as the act of carrying out activities for the greater benefit of a community with little or no benefit to the party carrying out the action. Volunteerism may be done for a number of reasons but should not include to receive an income or to gain publicity for the individual or group initiating the activity. There are a few benefits that the initiating individuals have from carrying out a voluntary action such as: growing one’s knowledgebase about the activity in which they are part taking, social entrepreneurship, and networking or build a community in which one resides. As our life’s become more filled with work, family, and personal commitments, we tend to lose sight on our health, relationships and finances. Maybe this is our livelihood, but we need to make some time to think about, how can I make the surround I live in a better place for me and everyone else to live in? Looking at volunteerism from a historical and religious background, volunteerism dates back to the times of Jesus. Mathew 7:12 reads: Do unto others as you would want them do unto you. This incorporates from a little kind gesture of helping an old lady cross the street to a well planned wide scale “feed the poor” operation in some deprived country. Volunteering usually brings together like minded people who may come from diverse backgrounds and working with them, one may learn more about a culture that they would probably never get a chance to experience. Volunteerism, because it brings people together for one cause, to help others, usually involve many people working in a group setting to complete specific tasks and this may teach group dynamics, which is an essential skill to master for especially school and work because one will learn how different personalities may contribute to the desired outcome. “We may not have the power to make life better for everyone, but we do have the power to make it better for at...
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